Air Conditioning Your Home Efficiently

By following these tips, you can keep your home comfortable while also saving energy and money on your energy bills.

  1. Close windows and doors: To keep the cool air inside, make sure all windows and doors are closed while the AC is running.

  2. Set the temperature wisely: Set your thermostat at a temperature that’s comfortable but not too low. Each degree you raise the thermostat can save you up to 3% on your energy bill.

  3. Use a programmable thermostat: A programmable thermostat can help you save energy by automatically adjusting the temperature when you’re not home or sleeping.

  4. Clean or replace air filters regularly: Dirty air filters can reduce airflow and make your AC work harder, which can increase your energy bill. Make sure to clean or replace them at least once a month.

  5. Keep the outdoor unit clear: Make sure the outdoor unit of your AC is clear of debris and vegetation, and that there’s at least two feet of clearance around it. This will help it run more efficiently.

  6. Use ceiling fans: Ceiling fans can help circulate the cool air throughout the room, making you feel more comfortable without having to lower the temperature.

  7. Close curtains and blinds: Sunlight coming through windows can heat up a room quickly. Closing curtains and blinds can help keep the room cooler and reduce the workload on your AC.

  8. Use your AC at the right time: Try to use your AC during the cooler parts of the day, such as early morning and late evening, and avoid using it during peak hours when energy demand is high.

  9. Schedule regular maintenance: It’s important to have your AC system serviced regularly by a professional to ensure it’s running efficiently and effectively.

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